Populist Family News

Great things are afoot at Populist Recording.  Some fairly major renovations are being planned, new gear is being purchased, records are being made, and lots of live music is being rehearsed by many bands in the Populist family.

Cpt. Captian is deep into recording the follow-up to the first E.P., “Everything is Easy Without You.”  The new full length album is titled “Field Trip!” and features a solidified lineup of great musicians and even better songs.  Keep an eye out for this release as well as live performances in and around Chicago this fall.

Cpt. Captian’s Facebook page can be viewed here:

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I’m playing in a new band called Ateliers with Mike Nesbitt from The Visitor, Bill Acuña and Brian Doherty from The JoyRyders.  The music is somewhat reminiscent of early 1980’s New Wave blended with early 1990’s Brit Pop.  We are working on our first record and released a digital 7″ in early July that can be heard here:  We’re all really excited and energized that this project is coming along so quickly and that it is just SO much fun.  If you like The Smiths, House of Love, Bauhaus, Oasis, etc., you will love Ateliers.

Lastly, The Morningsides who recorded their amazing record, “The Issue” with me a few years ago (and subsequently sucked me into the band) will be playing their 15th anniversary show at Jerry’s Sandwiches on August 18 in Chicago.  The Morningsides are truly one of the most creative and fun bands that I’ve ever worked with.  They have opened many doors for me and become great friends along the way.  Their Facebook page can be found here:  Check it out and come celebrate 15 years of madness with us!


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