Tom Perona at Populist

Tom Perona, a.k.a. Dr. Pants has just released his long awaited first solo album, “I Wish I Could Talk in Technicolor.”  This album had been waiting to be completed for almost a decade when Tom came to Populist Recording ready to start fresh and finally breathe life into his songs.  He played all instruments on the album, with the exception of pedal steel guitar (performed by Mike Racky of The Morningsides and Cpt. Captain), sang all of the lead and backing vocals and was heavily involved in the mixing and production.  The title track is based off an old video of a 1950’s era housewife taking part in government run acid tests and charts her first trip into the world psychedelics and is truly a masterpiece.  Track number 10, “Universe in B” was mixed by Manny Sanchez of I.V. Labs studio in Chicago.  Manny sets a high bar and I was honored to work with him.  He also mastered the record and did a fantastic job.

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